Joseph Littleton (Jr.) [ 1842 - 1927 ]

Joseph Littleton was “a filer of saws” and operated saw mills in his early life in Canada between 1867 and 1881. He also did carpenter work. “In 1892 Mr. Littleton purchased the farm which had been his home up to the time of his death.” He died on Monday October 24th, 1927 at his home at Maple Grove, Fenelon Township at the age of 86. He was the brother of George Littleton. Internment was in Woodmere Cemetery [FFPL 27.18]

In the 1870s Littleton may have become a storekeeper as there are two brief references to his activities. In the obituary of Joseph McFarland it states that “In 1873 [McFarland] entered into business for himself, buying out the general stock of Mr. Joseph Littleton, who kept a store about where A.J. Gould’s drug store now stands.” [FFPL 11:16]. Later in 1876 the following appears: “Mr. Jos. Littleton Jr. has bought the stock in trade of Walter Smith, who removed from this place about the time he advertised his wife. The said gentleman does Fenelon Falls an injustice by dating his advertisement, Fenelon Falls. We have no wives here that require such treatment.” [CP 7 April 1876; 1].

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