John R. Scott

John R. Scott is listed as a manager of the Napanee Mills Paper Company. Upon its sale to J. Pugsley in 1894, J.R. Scott vanishes from the record. Nonetheless, a W.S. Scott, also from Napanee, suddenly appears in the directories. W.S. Scott had opened a general store by January of 1895 when he appeared before the Village Council along with several other merchants regarding a by-law to regulate transient traders [FFG 24 May 1895; 4]. He appears to have traded under the name “Scott & Company” during the first half of 1895, and then entered into partnership with William Burgoyne to form Burgoyne & Co. This partnership was dissolved by mutual consent on 1 November 1897 [FFG 5 Nov 1897; 5]. Scott then disappears from the business record. Now William Burgoyne was the superintendent at the Napanee Mills Paper Company, so Burgoyne and Scott obviously had worked together previously. Either John R. Scott and W.S. Scott are the same person, or they were closely related; so much so that W.S. Scott went into business with J.R. Scott’s former business associate.

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