John McGrain [ 1843 (Approx.) - 1876 (Approx.) ]

John McGrain is listed in the 1871 Census as a 28 year-old Ontario-born storekeeper, but he appears to have been in business in Fenelon Falls as early as 1867, for his name is in the January 1868 edition of D&B and was included thereafter in most editions. On July 27th, 1874 he purchased the “entire stock of teas, crockery and groceries, etc. lately belonging to G. Swanton,” “his being the highest tender.” He resumed “business in the old stand, Scully Block.” Perhaps this “resumption” in business marked his return to the village. He was said to have “well-known business qualities” [CP 31 July 1874; 3]. His estate is listed in the January 1877 edition of D&B so he must have died in the fall or early winter of 1876.

530 Variant spelling: McGrane

531 McGrain is not listed in the January 1874 edition of D&B.

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