John James Townley [ 1859 (Approx.) - 1907 ]

  • Tailor 1890, 1898 (Approx.) - 1898, 1907 (Approx.)

According to the obituary of his son, the Townleys came to Canada from London England in 1890. The family travelled extensively and had been in business in Essington, Alaska, and Vancouver BC., before moving to Toronto. In May 1894 J.J. Townley came to the Falls and was engaged as a cutter in Robert Taggart’s tailoring establishment [FFG 18 May 1894; 4]. The store closed in October, but by February 1895 Townley was working in McDougall & Brandon’s Syndicate store [FFG 5 July 1895: 1]. He was certainly in business on his own by May of 1898, and “built up what is without doubt one of the largest merchant tailoring businesses in the district.” He died suddenly on the 11th of October 1907, at the age of 48 years, five months and 6 days. He was buried in the village Cemetery. After his death the business was continued by his sons H.J. (Herbert John) and A.L. (Arthur Leonard) Townley as the Townley Brothers [FFPL: 07.16].

768 According to Belinda Wilson in Fenelon Falls Then & Now [75] J.J. Townley came from Portsmouth, England, in 1892. His son Herbert J. was born in Portsmouth in 1883.

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