John Geddes [ 1846 (Approx.) - ]

  • Cooper 1890 (Approx.) - 1901 (Approx.)

John Geddes is listed in most of the directories under Giddis, but local sources use this spelling. His shop was on Francis Street East and he was well known for the manufacture of agricultural machinery such as grain cradles [FFG 4 March 1898; 4]. He no doubt lived outside the village, for the 1891 Census of Fenelon Township records him as a 45 year-old Irish Methodist, employed as a cooper. It is also recorded that he built a huge water barrel, seven feet long, for watering dusty streets in dry and windy weather [FFG 10 June 1898; 5]. The business vanishes after 1901.

Variant spelling: Giddis, Giddes. The 1891 Census uses Giddes.

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