John Brockenshire [ 1847 - ]

John Brockenshire is listed in the 1871 Census as a 24 year-old, Ontario-born, Methodist labourer. In 1878 he “occupied” the Victoria Hotel, south of the river (then owned by William Routley) when it burned on 5 January 1878 [CP 11 Jan. 1878; 3]. Brockenshire may have been the manager. Apart from this brief notice, there are no other references to his residence in the village, although he is listed in the 1881 Village Census.

45 Although this may appear to be a spelling error, there were Brockenshires and Brokenshires living in Victoria County at this time. Variant spelling: Brokenshire (1881 Census)

46 His occupation in the 1881 Census is indecipherable.

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