J.B. and William C. Helliwell

J.B. and Wm. C. Helliwell (or Hollywell) may be the same person, or they many have been brothers. The D&B directories do their best to confuse the issue; the names are spelled in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, the cabinetware business of “W.E. Holywell” was destroyed on May 6th, 1877 when a fire broke out on a Sunday morning in his work shop. The show room and attached dwelling were destroyed. His losses were estimated to be about $1300 to $1400. The building was owned by Henry Graham of Kinmount [CP 11 May 1877; 3]. A “J.B. Helliwell” appears to have opened a grocery store by the autumn of 1878, as it is listed in the January and July directories for that year, but all trace of the business vanishes after this date.

(353) Variant spellings: Hollywell, Holywell, W.E.

(354) There is also an entry for a W.E., but that could be a typo for Wm C.

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