James Ross

James Ross is listed in the 1869 Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory as a grocer; in the 1871 Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 as a storekeeper; and in D&B as a purveyor of groceries and “liquors”. Interestingly, an article in the Gazette calls him “the old and popular resident of this village…[who] during the greater part of thirteen years since he was in business at the Falls” has lived in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, and has prospered well [FFG 13 Oct 1883; 2]. This dates Ross’s departure from the village to about 1870. This may be correct; there is a 29 year-old, Irish-born, James Ross listed as a “Gentleman” in the 1871 Census, and Ross disappears from the September 1871 edition of D&B although his name is listed in both 1872 editions. He was certainly gone by 1873. Ross was back in the village in 1884, “as big and jolly as ever,” with some thought to establish himself in business; but nothing appears to have come of it [FFG 8 Nov 1884; 2].

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