James H. Lowe [ 1849 - ]

Suggitt suggests that Lowe took over the practice of T.L. Reade in the late 1870’s, but Lowe does not appear in the directories or newspapers until 18812, and Reade did not leave the village until June 1881, so Suggitt is slightly off in her dates. Lowe moved his home (and office) several times but for much of his stay in the village he had an office next door to the McArthur House where he made “up his own medicines” [FFG 14 Jan 1882; 2]. Lowe acted as the coroner for the Provisional County of Haliburton in 1884 [VW 11 April 1884; 2], and was also appointed as the medical health officer in Fenelon Falls during the same year [FFG 31 May 1884; 2]. By August Lowe had moved his office “into the large house built by H. Davis and bought some time ago by Mr. Jos. McArthur” on Francis St. West. It was fitted up as a home and office [FFG 16 Aug 1884; 2]. The contents of this house was sold at auction on June 9th 1885 [FFG 30 May 1885; 2], and Lowe left for Toronto later that month [FFG 20 June 1885; 2]. His practice was sold to H.H. Graham.

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453 The first reference to Lowe I have found is CP 7 Oct 1881; 3.

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