James Fitzgerald [ 1844 (Approx.) - 1882 (Approx.) ]

“James Fitzgerald, Esq., M.D., lately graduated from McGill, has settled at Fenelon Falls…” He is of “unsullied character” and his appointment “warrants us congratulating the people of Fenelon on the settlement amongst them of a gentleman so well qualified to honour his calling and prove a useful member of the community [CP 2 June 1865; 2]. James Fitzgerald is listed in the 1871 census as a 27 year-old, Ontario-born, physician/surgeon. He was not listed in the 1881 Census of the Village. Little else is known about him. He may have been dead by 1882 for the “residence of the late Dr. Fitzgerald” was for let in January of 1882 [FFG 21 Jan 1882; 2].

Dr. Fitzgerald is often confused with the other James Fitzgerald who ran a general store [see above]. To add to the confusion there is also a James Fitzgerald listed in the Ontario Drug Store and Druggist list for 1882. This may be a mistaken reference to Edward Fitzgerald.

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