James Agnew [ 1847 (Approx.) - ]

Also Known As: A & J Agnew, J. Agnew & Co., J & G Agnew, James Agnew & Co.

James Agnew is listed in the 1871 census for Lindsay as a 24 year-old, Ontario-born, Wesleyan Methodist. Of an Irish background, his occupation was “journeyman shoemaker”. By July 1873 a “J. and G. Agnew” were in partnership selling shoes at Fenelon Falls, but with the dissolution of that partnership in February 1875, the business opened out as James Agnew & Co. [CP 12 Feb 1875; 3]2. James Agnew was on his own after this. His store was on the west side of Colborne Street south of Francis before 1881. By February 1882, Hand reported that Agnew “contemplate[d] removing to the Northwest (i.e. Manitoba) in the spring” [FFG 24 Feb 1882; 3], but the business failed in March and his stock was sent to “a reputed sharp leather house in Toronto” [CP 24 March 1882; 3]. He vanishes from the record after this date

The Canadian Post reported that “A and J. Agnew” have dissolved their partnership [CP 12 Feb 1875; 3], but these initials are probably a mistake. In all other sources the initials are “J. and G.” The Post would borrow local copy from the Gazette and mistakes were often made when type was being set.

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