J. [James] Cameron

Common names are problematic when trying to research individual businesses. There are, for example, three “J. Cameron”s recorded in various sources. The first James Cameron dates to 1871; he appears in the Census for that year as a 39 year-old Irish-born lumber surveyor . Another James Cameron dates to 1875. “A new store has been opened in the Scully Block by Mr. Jas. Cameron, who has recently settled amongst us” [CP 16 July 1875; 3] . And finally, a watchmaker: “J. Cameron from Toronto will commence business this week in the shop recently occupied by Mr. Cullon, opposite [the Gazette] office…. ” (FFG 12 May 1883; 2). In 1882 and 1884/5 James Cameron is listed as the Village Clerk and Treasurer.

197 Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory (1871) lists him as a “lumber culler.”

198 There is also a Robert Cameron listed selling dry goods & groceries in January 1876. Could they be the same person?

199 Hand claimed that Cameron would bring in “$3000 worth of clocks, watches and jewelry” and would “sell at city prices.”

200 This James Cameron is not listed in the 1881 Census.

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