Hugh N. McDougall [ 1857 (Approx.) - ]

After the death in 1884 of John E. Jarvis, and the liquidation of the firm of Jarvis and McDougall in 1885, Hugh McDougall continued to sell the stock of the old firm and run the Palace Dry Goods and Clothing House. “I keep the largest and best stock of goods in town and mean business…” [FFG 7 Nov 1885; 3]. He built himself a new house [FFG 5 Sept 1885; 2], had plate glass installed in the front of his store [CP 5 Nov 1886; 6], and hired new staff. By 1890 McDougall purchased the stock and leased the store of the late firm of Campbell & Gamble, and placed “Messrs. Bailey and Mackenzie” in charge [FFG 31 Jan 1890; 4]. It was to no avail, as MacDougall was “an insolvent” by 1891, and an ad dated 20 February 1891 announced the fact and asked for any claims [FFG 27 Feb 1891; 5]. McClung & Paterson [of Lindsay] purchased McDougall’s entire stock and proceeded to sell it off at breakneck speed and bargain basement prices; most of it was sold by April [FFG 20 March 1891; 4 : 10 April 1891; 4]. By May 1st William Burgoyne was in McDougall’s old stand.

Hugh McDougall was appointed Census Commissioner for North Victoria in March 1891 [FFG 3 April 1891; 4]1. Hand reported a rumour that McDougall was buying dry goods in Toronto with the intention of opening another store [FFG 30 March 1894; 4] but there is no record that he did so. The directories list McDougall as an “agent” after 1893. In 1897 Hugh McDougall was an agent for Frost & Wood of Smith’s Falls, manufacturers of agricultural implements, and by April he was erecting a storehouse building at the north east corner of Colborne and Francis Streets, 20 by 60 feet and two storeys high [FFG 12 Feb 1897; 4-5 : 23 April 1897; 5]. He vanishes from the record after this date, and is not listed in the 1901 Census of the area.

522 Variant spelling: Hunt McDougall.

523 A “Mr. Sutherland, an A1 cutter” was hired in June 1887 [VW 10 June 1887; 5]; a “Mr. Gail, of Cannington” in September of 1886 [C: 17 Sept 1886; 8]; and a “Mr. Wellington Jermyn” returned to take his old position in September 1890 [FFG 5 Sept 1890; 4].

524 The Village Census was compiled by Thomas Austin.

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