Howard P. Heming

Howard P. Heming, of Montreal, was in business by 1871; his name is listed on the advertisements of the 1871 Victoria County map in the collection of the Fenelon Falls Museum. His name first appears in the directories by the spring of 1874. A cash receipt, dated 12 May 1874, also in the collection of the Fenelon Falls Museum, describes him as an “Importer of and Dealer in Every Branch of Shelf & Heavy Hardware.” Heming later purchased the business (general store) of Messrs. Kennedy and Newman in 1874 [CP 4 Dec 1874; 3) and opened out “a large assortment of hardware” in their old stand. His hardware store was at the “Sign of the Big Cross-Cut Saw.” The business was sold or transferred to P.S. Ross in the summer of 1880 [Suggitt; 283]. “P.S. Ross & Bros.” advertised in the Gazette in August (FFG 7 Aug 1880: 3].

Heming left Fenelon Falls by December 7th, 1880, for Pittsburgh, Penn., where he had been offered lucrative employment in a wholesale hardware establishment [FFG 11 Dec 1880; 2]. He must have maintained some contact with the village as he is listed in the 1881 Census as a 39 year-old “traveler.” His name vanishes thereafter, although his descendents state that he settled in Meaford, Ontario, where he and his wife Mary are buried.

Oddly enough, once Heming left, Ross and his business vanishes as well. Was Ross only running the store for Heming in anticipation of his departure? We shall never know.

The nephew of Howard Heming was the well-known artist and illustrator Arthur Heming (1870-1940).

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