Hotel Kawartha

The Hotel Kawartha opened in the old but transformed Clifton House Hotel sometime around 1902[?]. The Goad Insurance Plan of Fenelon Falls for 1898 and 1904 shows that a verandah was added and some old sheds torn down between those years. Pearl Quibell in 1981 remembered that George Littleton remodeled the building about 1902. In addition, a tourist brochure produced by the Trent Valley Navigation Company (1904) claimed that the hotel had been “practically re-built.” “The new hotel on the high bank of the Fenelon River is one of the most handsomely furnished and most convenient along the Kawartha waters and cannot fail to attract large numbers of tourists to Fenelon Falls. The hotel with seven cottages in connection affords ample accommodation for 125 guests, and the view is simply magnificent. The grounds are also large and afford every facility for enjoying the summer season to perfection” [Souvenir of FF; [37]].

The hotel, under this name, appears to have lasted into the 1930s.

(359) Variant name: The Kawartha Hotel

(360) Trent Valley Navigation Company Limited. Kawartha Lakes: the Bright Waters and Happy Lands, Where Nature Lies in Sweet Abandonment and Laughing Waters Kiss an Hundred Shores.(Montreal : Desbarats and Co., [c1905]) ; 22.

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