H.J. Lytle (Herbert John), ([1840?]-1939 [ 1849 (Approx.) - 1939 ]

H.J. Lytle, of Cambray, purchased the business of W.R. Madill in February of 1894 [CP 16 Feb 1894; 8].  He moved his family from Cambray (where he had lived for many years) on March 2nd, and moved into “the brick house near the railway station” [FFG 9 March 1894; 4].  Early employees in his new business included Harry Robson and Dennis Twomey [see Notes].  By August 1895 Lytle was “… getting ready to move into the store formerly occupied by Mr. W.T. Junkin, whose stock of drugs, etc., he purchased some time ago…” [FFG 16 Aug 1895; 4]. The new premises were wider and deeper, and more convenient. 

In October, Lytle was appointed the new manager of the Fenelon Falls branch of the Toronto Financial Corporation [FFG 11 Oct 1895; 4].  A new plate of fine glass, measuring 10 by 7 feet, was put into the front of the store he had lately vacated.  The Junkin Families [41] implies that W.T. Junkin continued to manage the Lytle drug store, and this may be true as the store continues to appear in the directories. An 1896 ad in The Watchman lists Lytle and names his shop “The Fenelon Falls Drug Store” [W 21 May 1896; 7].  Lytle resigned as manager of the Toronto Financial Corp. in July of 1897 “owing to the large amount of time taken up by his different business interests” [FFG 9 July 1897; 4], and apparently returned to manage his drug store by December 1897, as an ad appeared over his name in the Gazette on February 25th, 1898. He was at the same time listed as an agent of the Victoria Loan and Savings Co. [FFG 25 Feb 1898; 1]. 

Lytle was appointed manager of the Lindsay branch of the Ontario Bank in March 1898 and left the village soon afterwards [FFG 25 March 1898; 5].  On May 1st 1898, Lytle announced a new partnership with D. Gould [see Notes].  “The business will be conducted as heretofore, but under the name of Lytle & Co.” [FFG 10 June 1898; 1].  Dr. Gould not only ran the drug store but offered medical consultations as well [FFG 10 June 1898; 5].  The business continued until the end of 1900 when it vanishes from the directories.  

Lytle sold his Fenelon Falls house in April 1902 to Mrs. Heeley [FFG 25 April 1902; 4].  Lytle never really severed his connections to the village.  He and his wife celebrated their 50the wedding anniversary (August 1921) at the Mansion House Hotel, and following the banquet, “then visited Mr. Stanton’s studio to have a family picture taken” [FFPL 1921.29-30]. 

On his 86th birthday, the career of this former resident was briefly summarized;

FFPL 1936 36:10 LOCAL EVENTS.  Mr. H.J. Lytle of Lindsay… has had a remarkable business career being a full-fledged pharmacist and was at one time in the mercantile business in Cambray and in Cameron, in the grain business at Oakwood, and for years was the manager of the Ontario Bank and the Bank of Montreal in Lindsay [see Notes][1].  … In recent years Mr. Lytle has spent winters in Florida.

Lytle’s wife died in 1926 [see Notes].  Lytle died 11 July 1939 in Lindsay in his 90th year and was buried beside his wife and brother in Riverside cemetery, Lindsay [Riverside; ref. 4395]


Variant spelling: Lyttle. The FFG uses the spelling “Lytle” in all of its references. The directories use Lyttle.

Harry Robson was an apprentice in the shop until May when he left for Toronto; his place was taken over by Dennis Twomey [FFG 18 May 1894; 4].

The ad was recorded in FFG 25 Feb 1898; 1 but is dated December 28th, 1897.

Lytle’s wife was Gould’s sister-in-law. Lytle and Gould married sisters.

Lytle resigned from the position of manager of the Lindsay Branch of the Bank of Montreal in 1907 [FFG 8 Nov 1907; 8]

Obituary. Mrs. H. J. Lytle. Mrs. H.J. Lytle passed away at Lindsay, Thurs. Feb 18th, [1926] in her 74th year. The late Mrs. Lytle was at one time a resident of this village for several years, when [her husband] ran a drug store here. Previous to that they lived in Fenelon Twsp. For twenty-seven years Mr. and Mrs. Lytle have been residents of Lindsay. Before marriage Mrs. Lytle was Miss Matilda Todd and was a sister of Mrs. (Dr.) D. Gould, town. [FFPL 1926; 5]

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