George Martin [ 1844 - 1930 ]

The name George Martin first appears in 1876 (D&B) as the owner of a livery stable. His name is mentioned again in 1881 as he was paid $3.00 for storing the village fire engine in one of his buildings [FFG 29 Jan 1881; 2]. George Martin was also in partnership with Alexander McArthur and John Thomson as “lumber manufacturers” until January 1st 1886 [FFG 30 Jan 1886; 2] when the partnership was dissolved.

Martin then began construction of a new store at the South West corner of Lindsay and Helen Streets in the summer of 1886; it was completed by October [CP 29 Oct 1886; 6]. In October, 1894, he installed a four ton weigh scale on Helen Street, a few yards from the corner of Lindsay Street, for farmers to weigh their grain [FFG 5 Oct 1894; 4]; He also opened out a stock of groceries and provisions and renamed his premises the “West Side Store” [FFG 12 Oct 1894; 5]. According to the directories the grocery business lasted until about 19071, after which lumber became his primary concern. His name remained in D&B until 1916.

The 1904 Souvenir states: “George Martin has for many years been a resident of Fenelon Falls, being engaged in lumbering and mining interests in the North country, as well as conducting a business in the Village. He was a member of the second Village Council and has been many times on both School Board and Council and is at present a member of the Board of Water, Light & Power Commissioners.” Born in Belleville, Ontario, he died on April 18th, 1930 “after being a continuous resident of Fenelon Falls for seventy four years” [FFPL 30.19-20]. He was buried in the village cemetery.

471 George Martin was the son of William Martin and Jane Scott. A George W. Martin is listed as a 37 year-old English Methodist carpenter in the 1881 Census of the Village.

472 See under McArthur and Thomson. The business was to be continued by these two men [FFG 30 Jan 1886; 2].

473 Some residents remember this store lasting much longer.

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