George H. Bertram

George H. Bertram was from Lindsay and opened a new Fenelon Falls branch of his hardware store in March of 1880 “in the shop formerly occupied by Kerr & McDougall” [CP 12 Nov 1880; 3]. The store was in the Cunningham Block, two doors north of the Post Office on the east side of Colborne, just south of Francis. Bertram’s was often advertised as the “Fenelon Falls Hardware Store,” and it was managed by Richard Smith. By February 1881 the Lindsay business had been sold to Jas. Edwards of Bobcaygeon, as Bertram wished to embark in the wholesale hardware business in Toronto [FFG 5 Feb 1881; 2]. Bertram moved to Toronto afterwards. The Fenelon store moved in March 1881 “next door to the Mansion House Hotel in Twomey’s brick block” [FFG 12 March 1881; 2]. The business was sold to Gilbert Anderson (Bertram’s brother-in-law) in September of 1883, and Richard Smith remained as manager [FFG 29 Sept 1883; 2]. By March 1884, however, Smith was leaving and a farewell supper was held for him in the Simpson House Hotel [VW 7 March 1884; 8]. In July 1885 Anderson sold out again to his brother-in-law who purchased it under the name of “Bertram and Co. of Toronto.”

16 “Geo. H. Bertram is selling at his hardware store here the very best make of axes, cross cut saws, nails, machine oils, cutlery, Makins’ celebrated ploughs and all kinds of hardware at greatly reduced prices.”

17 “Mr. George Bertram of Toronto was in town [Lindsay] last Saturday looking exceedingly well. The Bertram firm is doing a fine business and G.H. will soon be an alderman [CP 6 June 1884; 5].

18 Smith left for Lindsay in August 1882 to work for “Mr. Sylvesters’ new agricultural machine works” but he was back at his old post by October. [FFG 26 Aug 1882;] [FFG 21 Oct 1882; 2]. Smith was described as social, genial and kindly and one who made himself popular wherever he went.

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