Francis Johnston Kerr [ 1848 - 1914 ]

Francis Kerr first appears as the owner of a grocery store in January 1879 [CP 24 Jan 1879; 3]. Kerr may have already been in partnership with [Findlay?] McDougall by this date, as their grocery and provision business was purchased in August 1879 by John Brandon [CP 22 August 1879; 3]. Kerr vanishes for some years but he may have soon obtained a position as assistant postmaster under George Cunningham in the village post office. He was promoted to the position of postmaster (from assistant) in November 1887 upon the resignation of Cunningham, and “will likewise take charge of the telegraph office…” [CP 11 Nov 1887; 1]. Kerr remained “our popular postmaster” throughout the 1890s and into the next century. Besides the telegraph office, Kerr also sold books and stationery from his premises. In the 1888 Fenelon Agricultural Society Prize List Annual, Kerr advertised his “New Book and Stationery Store in Fenelon Falls.” He also sold insurance. He died while he was still in office on February 16th, 1914, aged 65 years, and was buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

429 See under Kerr & McDougall

430 The MacDougall could be either Findlay or Hugh McDougall, but more likely Findlay.

431 During 1888/89 Kerr was the agent for the Glasgow & London Fire Insurance Company. In 1892/93 his activities included “Stationery, Postmaster, Telegraph and Insurance Agent.”

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