Findlay McDougall [ 1857 (Approx.) - ]

The following paragraph appeared in the Canadian Post, and is the only early record I have been able to locate for Findlay McDougall. “Mr. McDougall, of the late firm of Moffatt and McDougall, has succeeded in compromising with his creditors and will open out in a few days. The cause of their failure was the absconding of Mr. Moffatt, one of the partners, with a considerable amount of money belonging to the firm. Mr. McDougall is an honourable and industrious young man and we trust he will succeed.” [CP 27 September 1878; 2]

McDougall went on the following year to form another partnership called Kerr & McDougall. In the 1881 Census he is described as a 24 year-old Scottish Presbyterian merchant. He then became a founder of the highly successful firm of McDougall and Brandon. By 1904 the Souvenir of Fenelon Falls stated: “Findlay McDougall is one of the leading businessmen of Fenelon Falls, and has served several terms in the Council and School Board, being chairman of the latter body at the present timeā€¦” [Souvenir (1904)].

McDougall was in business as early as 1879, and continued until 1910 according to some records. He is listed under multiple occupations in the various directories, including an insurance agent, town clerk and butcher. By 1909 his career in Fenelon Falls appears to have been over. “John Copp has taken charge of the butcher business purchased some time ago from F. McDougall, who intends to go west before long” [FFG 5 March 1909; 4]. McDougall ended up in Ingersoll, Ontario [FFG 26 March 1909; 4].

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