Felix Albert Northey [ 1860 - 1942 ]

  • Waggons 1891 (Approx.) - 1893 (Approx.)

Felix Northey sold wagons in the village in the early 1890’s and then disappears from the directories. He was listed in the 1891 Census as a 30 year-old carpenter. Family history states that he raised cows, sold milk, had a garden and sold vegetables, gasoline and had the first agency to sell bags of cement. He was also involved in construction, building barns, schools (Hetherington and Blyth), and he did cement work, including work on the 1913 Fenelon Falls dam and Rainbow Creek at Pearn’s Creek [FFG Historical Edition 26 September 1990; 5]. He died in 1942 and was buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

601 As listed in D&B.

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