F. Kean, Son & Co.

“F. Kean, Son & Co., the great bankrupt stock men of Lindsay and Orillia” purchased the stock of insolvent businessmen. They would rent an empty store space, and dispose of the goods at bargain prices. If they did well, they would bring in more stock from other locations. Otherwise, they would move on once the stock was depleted.

In July 1889 the Gazette announced, “F. Kean, Son & Co., the great bankrupt stock men of Lindsay and Orillia have bought the stock of H. Wright & Co….and they intend clearing the entire stock out at once” [FFG 26 July 1889; 4]. The Keans set up in “The Corner Store, Jordan’s block,” and by September a David Green was “dispensing dry goods, groceries, etc.” [FFG 13 Sept 1889; 1]; he was soon followed in October by R.M. McKenzie, from the Kean’s establishment in Lindsay1 [FFG 4 Oct 1889; 1].

Kean announced “they were retiring” from Fenelon Falls in January of 1890 and the remaining stock in the Corner Store was sold to John St. Lawrence, who also dealt in bankrupt stock and who worked for Kean’s in Lindsay [FFG 31 Jan 1890; 4]. The “sale” was advertised most of February and March [FFG 21 March 1890; 4], but the business vanished from the record soon afterwards.

Kean’s Lindsay store was in “Graham & Lee’s old stand, nearly opposite [the] New Post-Office, Lindsay” [FFG 13 Sept 1889; 4].

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