Edward B. Borland [ 1851 - ]

Edward Borland is listed as a 20 year-old, Ontario-born, druggist in the 1871 census; however, his name does not appear in the business directories until 1874. He may have been working for another druggist. In March 1876 Borland was burned out in the McArthur Block fire [CP 31 March 1876; 2] but by May he had the “old post office” fitted out for a drug store, “and it looks quite imposing” [CP 12 May 1876; 3]. In 1877 he sold out his “good will and stock in trade to Mr. Thompson, late of Tupper & Thompson, Bobcaygeon” [CP 30 March 1877; 3] and moved into the dry goods line. Along with T.G. Sutherland, Borland ran a general store during 1878 (probably in the McArthur Block), but he left Fenelon Falls in June of 1879 with his family for Toronto where he intended to enter into a partnership with “some manufacturing establishment.” [CP 13 June 1879; 3].

31 See under Lasher, A.W.: “Mr. Borland’s old stand in the McArthur Block” [CP 28 March 1879; 3].

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