E. (Edward) Fitzgerald [ 1859 (Approx.) - ]

  • Drugs 1880 (Approx.) - 1883

E. Fitzgerald, “manager” was in business selling “drugs, medicines, chemicals, sponges” by May 1880 . Fitzgerald called his store the “Medical Hall” which was “next door to the post office” . He moved to No. 1 McArthur’s Block in the summer of 1881 [FFG 6 Aug 1881; 2], and is listed as selling “drugs and stationery” in Lovell’s directory for 1882. The 1891 Census lists him as a 33 year-old druggist living with his two sisters.

By the summer of 1883 Fitzgerald was managing Barber & Ellis’s drug and stationery business, when it was announced that he was leaving. “Mr. Edward Fitzgerald left this morning for Buffalo, where he has obtained employment; but many predict that he will find it impossible to stay away … as he has spent nearly all his life here, is an efficient member of the Council and the School Board, issuer of marriage licenses, etc., and, moreover, was especially valuable as one of the none too numerous eligible bachelors in the village.” [FFG 21 July 1883; 2] He certainly returned to the village on a number of occasions [FFG 11 November 1892; 4], but there is no record that he ever operated a business here again.

There is an advertisement for Fitzgerald’s store in the earliest surviving issue of the Gazette (10 July 1880) that is dated 27 May 1880 [FFG 27 May 1880; 3].

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