Duncan A. McDonald

Duncan A. McDonald appears to have enjoyed a number of professions in the few years he was in Fenelon Falls (1861-1868). A 36 year-old Duncan McDonald is listed as a shoemaker in the 1861 Census; the value of his “annual production” is given as $400. He is recorded as a “boot and shoemaker” in Mitchell’s Canada Gazetteer and Business Directory (1864/65), while “Lumber” is his only descriptor in D&B for 1865-1866. He was also listed as a “Grocer” in Fuller’s Counties of Peterborough and Victoria Directory (1865/1866) and in the January 1868 edition of D&B. He vanishes from all records after 1868.

500 Variant entry: D.A. and Duncan A.

501 There is a Duncan McDonald listed as a 33 year-old, Scottish-born blacksmith in Verulam in the 1871 Census.

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