There was seldom a full time dentist in the village during the 19th century. One of the few on record, J.H. Thomas, stayed only three years (1876-1879). After 1879 village doctors provided dental service in emergencies, or the residents received services from Lindsay dentists who sent their staff to the surrounding localities on a regular basis. Using portable equipment the Lindsay dentists would set up in a village hotel or in a rented storefront, announce their day and times in the newspaper, and then provide care to local patients. One of the best known was J. Neeland who was in Fenelon Falls at least once a month throughout the 1880s and 1890s. Some of the other dentists found listed in the newspapers were Dr. Emmons [Neeland’s assistant] [1880], W.H. Gross [1887-1890], R.D. Kerr [1915], Dr. Morrow [another Neeland assistant] [1885], and F.A. Walters [1897].

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