David H. Gould [ 1852 - 1931 ]

“Dr. Gould was born in the County of York in [March] 1852. He taught school for 6 years and then studied medicine in Toronto, and graduated from Toronto University in 1879, practicing his profession in the counties of Simcoe, York, and Ontario. In 1898 he came to Fenelon Falls from Penetanguishene, and has since been attending to a steadily increasing practice. Dr. Gould is the present chairman of the Water, Light and Power Commissioners and is one of the most level-headed businessmen in the village” [Souvenir, 1904]. After 8 years in town [1907?], Dr. Gould retired from the drug business, and his brother, Alvin J. Gould (1862-1946) took over. David Gould was described as “one of the district’s most esteemed and widely known citizens” when he died on June 20th, 1931 in his 80th year [FFPL 31:24].

Alvin Gould was a well remembered druggist who was in business until at least 1945.

The entry begins: “D.D. [sic] Gould, M.D., conducts a well equipped drugstore opposite the Post Office, a complete stock of drugs, toilet articles, perfumes, stationery, etc., is constantly on hand, together with a splendid range of Webb’s chocolates. He is also the local agent for the Bell Telephone Company, the Trent Valley Navigation Co., and for the Toronto daily papers.”

A 1928 article on “Gould’s Drug Store” lists his other accomplishments. “Always actively interested in the business affairs of the town, Dr. Gould served on the Council and Board of Water, Light and Power Commissioners. He was a member of the council which made arrangements with McDougall, Brandon and Austin to take over the stone mill property, and secured authority from the Legislature to form a Board of Water, Light and Power Commissioners with permission to borrow money to the extent of $75,000. The Council borrowed $68,250, erected a new dam on this side of the river, built the village power house and installed the electric power plant. The stone mill was taken over also and rented to the late Mr. J. H. Brandon who operated it for years. The first Board of Commissioners was composed of Dr. Gould, who had resigned from the Council, as chairman, the late Mr. Joseph McFarland, who was the village reeve, Mr. George Martin and Mr. M.W. Brandon. Mr. F.A. McDiarmid, a lawyer in town at that time, was secretary-treasurer. Dr. Gould served several years on the Commission and later was reeve of the village for two years.” [FFPL (28.12A)]

In some sources David Gould is listed as the father of Alvin Gould, but their life dates make that impossible.

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