Dalton Ullyott

  • Lumber 1869, 1871 (Approx.) - N/A

The Ullyott family is a mystery, but appears to have been associated with the local lumber industry in the late 1860s and early ’70s. A William Ullyott is listed as a lumbermen and contractor in Fuller’s Counties of Peterborough and Victoria Directory (1865/66). Dalton Ullyott first appears in the Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1869, and there is a 47 year-old, English- born, lumber merchant David Ullyott in the 1871 Census. There is no evidence they owned or operated a mill and Dalton is listed as working for the R.C. Smith firm in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory (1871).

At some point the family moved to Peterborough. In 1881 Ullyot [sic] and Sadler were running logs over the slide at Fenelon Falls, and in 1882 the Gazette records that Dalton Ullyott “of Peterborough” was in town looking after a large drive [FFG 10 June 1882; 2].

780 Variant name: David. Variant spelling: Ullyot

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