D. (Daniel) Comstock

We know little about Daniel Comstock and what has been printed is unverifiable . In the “Papers Concerning James Dickson” there is a history of the Littleton family, which states that Joseph Littleton (born 1813) worked “in a sawmill operated by a Mr. Comstock” sometime between 1846 and 1855. An article dating from March 1854 which describes a dinner hosted by James Wallis to celebrate the opening of his saw and grist mills, states that the dinner was held at the “Fenelon Falls Hotel”. The “attentive and obliging proprietor” was “Mr. Comstock” so we know he was in business by then. By-Law No. 1 of the Township of Fenelon also states that the meetings of the Municipal Council of Fenelon and Bexley “shall be held at Fenelon Falls, at the tavern of Daniel Comstock.” The Dickson Papers also state that “Mr. Comstock built a small tavern on the site where the McArthur House now stands . The Canada Directory for 1857/58 lists Comstock as the proprietor of the Royal Exchange Hotel. This may be the small tavern, as the 1904 Souvenir makes the same claim, but adds it was “built of logs.” Comstock does not appear in the 1858 Directory of the United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria, nor is any other innkeeper listed. He may have left the village about this time.

227 The Souvenir of FF states that “as early as 1850 one Comstock opened the first hotel in Fenelon Falls. Wallis’s inn and tavern was actually the first.

228 Papers concerning James Dickson, O.L.S., Fenelon Falls, and history of Fenelon Falls and District [microfilm]. (Toronto : Microfilmed by the Ontario Department of Public Records and Archives, September, 1959). 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. Microfilm of pages from the original diaries of James Dickson, loaned by Miss Bessie Nie, Fenelon Falls — Terminal dates of diary 1870-1924 — Includes notes made by Dickson’s daughter from parts of the diary that are no longer available… — Includes miscellaneous papers, and notes owned by the Fenelon Falls Historical Society, including a manuscript entitled “Fenelon Falls and Fenelon Township in early days” — Copy in Archives of Ontario and FF Public Library.

229 Although 1854 is the supposed opening date of the Clifton House, there is no evident to date that Comstock was its proprietor.


231 Township of Fenelon By-Laws. By-Law No. 1 [To Provide for Meetings of Council] (10 February 1855).

232 North west corner of Colborne & Water Streets.

233 The location and description suggest that this may be the tavern that James Wallis built in 1835. Wallis lived here until Maryborough Lodge was built in 1837. (See under James Wallis).

234 The Directory does describe “an excellent hotel”. … “There is a good hotel in the village, which has just been re-opened. It is a very fine building, and is fitted up in the most comfortable manner. There are about twenty-four bedrooms in the house, besides a large number of sitting rooms. … The hotel commands one of the best views of the Falls.” [p. 40]. See under Robert Podger and the Clifton House Hotel.

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