Christopher J. Lamb

  • Baker 1890, April 1895 - 1891, [November] 1895

Christopher J. Lamb, of Verulam, purchased the baking business of William McWatters in June of 1890. The new proprietor had “several months experience in a Lindsay bakery” where he learned to make “first class bread” [FFG 20 June 1890; 4]. Lamb also promised daily home delivery in the afternoon.

Lamb was located at the “rear of Mr. S. Newman’s block on Colborne Street” when a fire broke out in January of 1891. Lamb was badly burned having mistakenly assumed that the fire was only around the oven [FFG 9 January 1891; 4]. His name then disappears from all records until 1895 when it was announced that he was “making preparations to resume the baking business … and has rented Mr. Jordan’s oven and premises on Francis Street West” [FFG 12 April 1895; 4]. Later that month Lamb purchased the restaurant and fruit store of Peter Deyman, and planned to run a bakery in connection with the restaurant [FFG 3 May 1895; 5]. By November the Gazette announced that Mr. “Wallace”[?] Lamb had sold his stock in trade to Northey Bros. and had retired from business with the intention of returning to Manitoba “where he has lived for some little time” [FFG 8 November 1895; 4]. The Lamb store was vacant on Tuesday November 5th, 1895.

436 Variant spelling: C.J. Lambe, or J.W.

437 Lamb is not listed in the 1891 Census of the village or township. It is suggested he moved to Manitoba.

438 The confusion about the name cannot be explained although it does accord with the variant spellings that appear in the directories, i.e. “J.W.”

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