Brownlee & Mowry

  • Sawmill 1868 (Approx.) - 1872 (Approx.)

George Brownlee and [Bradley?] Mowry, lumber merchants, first appear in D&B in July 1868 and in the Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1869. James Dickson mentions Brownlee’s steam mill in December 1869, and again in April 1870, when he records a steamer coming from Lindsay to Mowry’s mill. The mill was on the Fenelon River “a mile downstream from the village” [Suggitt; 269], yet accessible by Francis Street East.

According to D&B the partnership lasted until 1872. Although operating a mill on the outskirts of the village, neither man appears to have been a permanent resident, for the 1871 census records Brownlee as a citizen of Peterborough, and Mowry of Lindsay. Of the mill, the Census records that is had been in operation 4 months that year, employed 40 men, was powered by steam, and cut 4 million feet of lumber with an “aggregate value” of $36,000. In 1873, D&B records a new partnership under the name of Mowry and Hilliard.

54 The Gazette noted that Mowry left the village about 21 years ago [i.e. 1876] for Lindsay where he ran a foundry for seven years [FFG 1 Oct 1897; 4].

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