Augustus Cadotte [ 1839 (Approx.) - ]

Augustus Cadotte appears in the 1871 Census as a 32 year-old Québec born storekeeper. D&B records his general store in the January 1871 edition, so he must have been open by the end of 1870. By mid-1873 he had entered into a partnership with “Mr. [Peter?] Begin” to operate a general store, however that business appears to have lasted less than a year. Cadotte left the village by 1875. The Canadian Post announced that “A. Cadotte, late of Fenelon Falls”, was opening a dry goods store on Kent Street in Lindsay, on the first of May 1875 [CP 23 April 1875; 3].

190 Variant spelling: Augusta, Auguste Cadotte. 191 Cadotte is listed as a grocer or a seller of dry goods in the directories. Perhaps he was both.

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