Arnold & Graham

Jas. Arnold and Thomas Graham bought Henry Austin’s grocery and boot & shoe business in December 1890 and took possession on January 1st [FFG 26 Dec 1890; 5] in Austin’s “old stand”. In March of 1891 they purchased “almost the whole” of Hugh McDougall’s stock of boots & shoes when the latter went out of business [FFG 27 March 1891; 4], and in June 1892 they hired Mr. Edward Chambers to paint the front of their store [FFG 17 June 1892; 4]. The partnership with Graham lasted only a couple of years. It disappears from the directories by 1893, but may have lasted until 1895 when it was officially dissolved.

20 Austin’s “old stand” was on Colborne St., south of Francis [FFG 29 May 1891; 4]

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