Andrew Torrance [ 1841 (Approx.) - 1920 ]

  • Shoes 1881/1883 (Approx.) - 1890s (Approx.)

Andrew Torrance was born in Glasgow and came to Canada with his parents at the age of 13, settling in Fenelon Township. According to the directories, Torrance set up shop in Fenelon Falls in the spring or early summer of 1881, perhaps with this father. About a year later, he left for Winnipeg, but returned in June 1882 after an absence of ten weeks “disgusted with the ambitious city‚Ķ” [FFG 10 June 1882; 2]. Torrance disappears from the directories after July of 1883, although he remained in the village. The 1891 Census lists him as a 49 year-old shoemaker; the 1901 Census lists him as a “watchman.” His obituary in the Gazette (1920) states that he left for Lindsay around 1911, and it was there that he died. He was buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery [FFPL: 20.28-29]

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