Andrew Brandon [ 1814 - 1870 ]

Andrew Brandon is listed as an “inn-keeper” in the 1861 Census. He was 41 years-old, born in Ireland, and lived in a two storey frame “house” with his wife Martha. They kept one female servant. Brandon first appears in the directories in 1864 as a tavern keeper and proprietor of the Brandon Hotel, located on Louisa Street, near Colborne. He was granted a tavern license in March 1866 and again in 1869 by the Fenelon Township Council. We know little else about him. He vanishes from the record after 1869, and apparently died in 1870, as an Andrew Brandon is buried in the village Cemetery.

“Mrs. Brandon” is listed as a hotel-keeper in 1871; there can be no doubt that she continued to run Brandon’s Hotel after the death of her husband. The 1871 Census records her as Martha Brandon, Irish-born, aged 35. The Hotel must have ceased operations by late 1871 as it too vanishes, apart from the story of its destruction 27 years later.

On November 4th 1898 the “old wooden building … known years ago as Brandon’s Hotel” burned to “a heap of smoldering ruins.” The “building on Louisa Street [behind “Mrs. E.A. McArthur’s handsome residence, known as Braeside Hall”] had been occupied as a dwelling house–generally by two families–until some time ago last month” [FFG 11 Nov 1898: 4]. “The burned building was owned by Mrs. Martha Brandon and was insured for $650.00.”

38 There is also a Robert Brandon listed as a hotel-keeper in Bexley Township.

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