ALLAN, R.B. & Co. General Stores, &c., 1902-1904. Messrs. R.B. Allan & Co., late of Lindsay, moved to FF in the autumn of 1902 and opened a new store on the morning of Thursday October 16th. NEW STORE Messrs. R.B. Allan & Co., late of Lindsay, have opened a stock of dry goods in one of the red stores on the west side of Colborne Street, and their advertisement will be found in this week’s Gazette. They are old hands in the business, and their stock will no doubt be so large and their prices so reasonable that they will succeed in securing a fair share of public patronage [FFG 17 Oct 1902; 4]. NEW STORE FOR FF [ad] The new store announces to the people of FF and vicinity that it will be open for business on Thursday Morning, October 16th… a large variety of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, … Dress goods, hosiery, gloves, corsets, jackets, capes, etc. … A little later we will be adding Groceries and Boots & Shoes to our stock… R.B. Allan & Co. | The Cash Store – Next to McKeggie & Co.’s Bank [FFG 17 Oct 1902; 5]. A former Lindsay employee also came to Fenelon to work in the store; Sherwood Thorndyke of Woodville took on the same position he held in Lindsay [FFG 7 Nov 1902; 4]. Allan’s advertised throughout 1903 in the FF Star [2 April 1903 – in which a “big clearing out sales” was announced], in the Gazette [for example see FFG 10 July 1903; 5] and was listed in D+B for all 1903 editions. Allan’s closed his business in January or February of 1904; In late February the “store lately vacated by R.B. Allan & Co,” had been rented by Mr. Sidney Tyrell [sic -Terrill], of Colborne, who was ʺnow receiving and opening out a large stock of general merchandise …ʺ [FFG 26 Feb 1904; 4]. R.B. Allan thereafter vanishes from local records. Employees: Sherwood Thorndyke, of Woodville (1902-4) Location: Colborne St. (West side) Sources: D+B; FFS; FFG NOTES: Variant name: Allen & Co. See also under Terrill Bros.

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