Alexander McLeod [ 1856 (Approx.) - ]

  • Architect 1890s (Approx.) - 1900s (Approx.)

Always described as “formerly of Fenelon Falls” McLeod was a resident of Toronto (after 1891 at least) and practiced as an architect.

McLeod designed several buildings in the village including the Presbyterian Church (1895), a residence for F.H. Magee in “The Grove” [FFG 22 Nov 1895; 4], as well as the Anglican Church [1902]. He also prepared a plan for a proposed Fenelon Falls Town Hall [Village Council Minutes, 28 May 1899, and 12 June 1899], but it was never built. McLeod also designed the Grace Presbyterian Church in Millbrook (1897) based on the plans of the Presbyterian Church at Fenelon Falls, as well as the Town Hall in Haliburton in the same year. There is no record McLeod operated an office in the village, yet he is included here as a mark of his architectural contribution to the area.

548 The 1871 Census lists a 15 year old, Ontario-born, Alexander McLeod in Eldon. There is also a 31 year-old carpenter listed under this name in the village census of 1891; he was the son of John McLeod. By 1889 McLeod was living in Toronto [FFG 16 Aug 1889; 4]. There was also an Alex McLeod granted a Township tavern license in February or March of 1874 [CP 6 March 1874; 4].

549 “The Grove” may refer to Oak Street.

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