A.A. (Alexander) McDonald [ 1884 - ]

There are few references to A.A. McDonald in the press; only one has been found to date. “Mr. A.A. McDonald’s is also nearly ready for occupation” [CP 22 Sept 1876; 3]. Nonetheless he was an influential solicitor in the village.

A.A. McDonald left the village in October 1883 for Belleville. He had lived in Fenelon for upwards of 11 years and was connected with many of its public affairs. He acted as a solicitor for the Village, the Victoria Railway, and the local bank; he was also the secretary of the North Victoria Reform Association, and Captain of the Volunteer Company. In 1881 the Census lists him as 37 year-old Irish Catholic. In that same year he may have been buying grain at Fenelon Falls1 for the W.D. Matthews Company [see CP 19 Aug 1881; 2].

In 1897 McDonald was practicing in Madoc [FFG 2 July 1897; 5].

499 “To meet the increased grain business when the present bountiful harvest is to be marketed the grain storage capacity has been fully doubled. We understand Messrs. Alex McDonald (for W.D. Matthews & Co.), McArthur, and Jordan will buy [grain] at the Falls; while Mr. W. Eyres will again buy at Cameron. For this trade alone ten more grain [rail]way cars have been added.” [See “Victoria Railway Progress” CP 18 Aug 1881; 2].

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