A. (Albert) Laliberte [ 1852 (Approx.) - ]

In an ad dated 7 May 1880 A. Laliberte announced the opening of his new tailor shop on Colborne Street, “opposite Mr. Wm. Marshall’s old stand.” The ad ran for several months in the Gazette. By September he had moved the business into a house north of Bond Street owned by Mrs. Umphrey [sic] [FFG 18 Sept 1880; 2]. The 1881 Census records his name as Albert, a 28 year-old Catholic. In May of 1883, he moved yet again into “Mrs. Heeley’s old stand” [FFG 24 Nov 1883; 2]. This was probably the wooden building, owned by John W. Kennedy, that Laliberte and his family were renting when they were burned out in the great fire of April 1884 [FFG 26 April 1884; 2]. His losses were listed at $300.00; he was uninsured. Laliberte moved what remained of his business to a space upstairs in the Cunningham block [FFG VW 9 May 1884; 8]. He stayed for another year, but on the 6th of August he placed an ad announcing his departure from Fenelon Falls [FFG 8 Aug 1885; 2].

432 Variant spelling: Lalibert. He is also listed as a tailor and shoemaker in 1884 in a notice of the great fire, no doubt mistaking him for his brother.

433 See FFG September 4th, 1880; 3.

434 Laliberte moved frequently. Opening “opposite Mr. Wm. Marshall’s old stand” he had moved before September to “a stand opposite the Gazette office” on Francis Street West; in September he moved to Mrs. Umphrey’s; by November he “removed to the shop lately occupied by Mr. [sic] Heely, near the Mechanics Institute [November 1883];

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