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Help Create a Children's Museum

Tinkertoys were made in Fenelon FallsFor several decade Fenelon Falls' largest employer was Allen Wood Products who manufactured the Tinkertoy, pounding benches, wooden trucks, abacuses and bead figures among many other well-loved children's toys. Through the Eaton's catalogue, children from coast to coast grew up playing with Allen Wood toys. The descendants of these wooden toys remain popular to this day.

Allen Wood Product's Bingo BedThis community project seeks to recreate childhoods of the 1950s and 1960s. From media like the Happy Gang to children's crafts and games, we want to give today's children the opportunity to experience what their grandparents did. Everyone is welcome to participate. We are hoping that you can share your memories of what your favourite activities were and help us to put together the childhood games of this period. The kids zone that we create will be available for the general public, and for use with school programs and the local branch of the Ontario Early Years' Centre.