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Kawartha Heritage

The ShantyInterested in local history? Want to help others appreciate it as much? Looking for an opportunity to express your creativity? Do you have ideas for history-related events in your community? Then you are probably a natural for Kawartha Heritage.

Kawartha Heritage is our way to explore the past, undertake interesting projects for public benefit and meet like-minded people. Our organization was founded in 2007 as a gathering of friends who shared a passion for the history of the Kawarthas. Our first major project was to build a shanty, reminiscent of the homes our ancestors once endured. As one of our comrades observed, "this is the kind of project you only get to do once in your life."

Before long our organization had taken on many aspects of bringing the heritage of our community to life. We organize a series of speakers and Family History Day, which gathers together the dedicated historians of the Kawarthas. Our members devote themselves to running cultural events. We carry on the long tradition of hosting teas and socials on Maryboro Lodge's beautiful grounds.

From 2010 to 2012 we undertook the restoration of Maryboro Lodge. It was a gargantuan task, but we were fortunate to have the support of multiple levels of government and countless of our neighbours in the village. Bit by bit our volunteers put the pieces together: rebuilding the porch, installing replica wainscotting, finishing floors, making traditional panelling, wallpapering and joining in all the research and thought that went into maintaining the period character of this heritage structure. As with our friend's shanty, it was our privilege to share in this experience.

Vintage carWe encourage members to bring new dimensions to programming and restoration of Maryboro Lodge - The Fenelon Falls Museum. We find a way to make our dreams reality. This museum work is only one aspect of Kawartha Heritage. We also enjoy old automobiles, family history, sharing old farm stories, remembering the village in days gone by, cataloguing old trees, cemetery maintenance, historic photograph competitions at the Fenelon Fair. Kawartha Heritage has a place for almost anything.

Even as the years pass, our committee remains a group of genuine friends. We still gather, share refreshments, go to lunch together, and support each others' endeavours. We have found this committee an excellent way to expand our horizons, learn, share, and make a difference in our town. We hope you will be part of many projects to come.

This year our board meetings will be held at Maryboro Lodge, the Fenelon Museum, 50 Oak Street, in the Langton Gallery, on the third Thursday of the month, May to October, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. All members are invited to attend as we welcome new ideas and new initiatives.

Interested in joining? Contact Kawartha Heritage, complete this Application, drop by or call Maryboro Lodge.