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Donate an Artifact

Maryboro Lodge collects the full spectrum historical artifacts from the Kawartha Lakes region: photographs, tools, housewares, publications, promotional material, textiles, sporting goods, school and church paraphernalia, and much more. In the near future we are planning expanded exhibits on children's play, toys, and the 1950s and are particularly interested in items that can be displayed relating to these themes.

While we welcome the donation of original photographs, if you would like to keep the original, a digital copies could help us with our exhibits.

If you are thinking of donating an artifact, the story that accompanies it can be as important as the actual item. In putting together our exhibits it helps to have photographs of the artifact in use, the locals who used it and an explanation of how it was part of our community. If you are thinking of making a donation, being able to share its story will make the item much more valuable.

In an ideal world, Maryboro Lodge would collect all historical artifacts from the region, but we do live with space constraints. Large artifacts can be a challenge, and we generally cannot accept vehicles, farm machinery, although we do have an extensive collection of agricultural tools. Our selection committee makes every effort to accommodate all the donations we can. Together we can preserve the heritage of the Kawartha Lakes.